Five easy and quick repairs for the most common printing problems

As we know that the technology is very vital for modern life and it’s a wonderful thing when all the systems are running well. However you will suffer many things which are costly and sometimes it contains the delay if the hardware or software doesn’t run. So we show you five common quick fixes to solve this problem.

Five easy and quick repairs for the most common printing problems

Five easy and quick repairs for the most common printing problems

The Endless Paper Chase

Problem: Printing takes too long

Have you ever wasted too much time to wait something? We sure that it’s so terrible like your plan is completed and only wait to print but the print time is too slow. This problem is caused by a resolution setting, a memory issue and choice of driver.


The reason why your printer runs slowly can be the images that have high data for your PC or printer. You should search for gallery regularly, choose the standard mode for your office documents or you can classify them to check easily. Moreover you had better add memory to keep your printer run well if the large files with complex images regularly work.

Or you’re able to use more paper because one-sided printing takes less time than two-sided.

In addition, calculating the speed outcome is a part of your driver’s jobs. High-end lasers and even some inkjets are suitable for the choice of drivers containing PostScript, PLC is the best one for quicker office printing and PostScript is better for graphics intensive applications and industries.

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The Workflow Logjam


Do you think that you can solve this problem by using the King of All printer Nightmares – the paper jam


As you know that some Xerox printers give video assistance and lighted interiors to make jam clearance a snap. Why don’t you inspecting the paper path and replace any jammed material, but you ought to be careful because of any stuck paper straight. That all to answer that why your Control Panel and User Guide can help you do it easily. If you have any requires, please follow the instructions on how to release the pressure.

Sometimes you find that there are many kinds of papers caused the jam, make sure that you replace the tray to put the paper correctly or reseat the tray. Furthermore, it’s necessary to check the paper and put it back the tray correctly

The last thing is that you always need to make sure that the paper being printed is provided by your printer. Don’t forget to keep the paper out of moisture which caused difficult printing.

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A Picture’s Worth 1,00 Words


Do you have a question for yourself that your last product is quite bad in spite of the perfect operating system. These problems can be poor image quality, faded type or so on that can make your document is not professional.


The problem can come from the hardware or the providers so you had better try some easy fixes we suggest below for your quality laser printing:

Make sure that you have the suitable paper or the media selected by taking over your print driver.

Not only checking the loaded paper in the tray but you must also check they match the type chosen in the printer driver.

There are some laser printers which the fuser has an adjustment for paper type so you need to take over in case your fusers get very hot so exercise caution.

The next method is taking out your toner cartridges, imaging units and the fusers for damage. The best solution for this is going to User guide because of a number of parts by model and manufacturer.

Due to the smudge marks you’ve done and lank sheets of paper, they may be faded away.

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Nothing is appearing

This case can takes place regularly on the printing problem list.


The first thing is checking, as we know that it’s very important to check that you sent right print job to right printer. Next, please click navigate to Printer and Faxes in Windows® to make your main printer then click the right mouse on your printer icon and choose Set as default printer.

Have you ever check that there is enough paper and right kind of paper in the tray? Let’s make sure that your printer is on and that all cables are stable. USB and network-connected computers are vital which help the print driver be installed on the computer easily. A two-method communication feature of print driver can help you know what is the problem of desktop and driver notifications without go to the printer.

The final step for this problem is that if you get stuck I the queue or your printer is not working, the best instruction is restarting your software application. In case it’s not efficient, please reboot the computer or turn the computer off for a few minutes before turn it on back.

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Time to pull the plug.

Problems: Old-age technology.

Everyone commonly see some things such as: a good printer for them, that printer has exactly functions you want or what you can do with it simply, but you don’t know that what you can do if it has some problems and you only can make complain about it.


You must be ready to accept that the technology can be outdated after a long time you use, not only term of business drag the price of a hamstrung IT department. So now all you can do is replacement, get a new and updated printer. This is the best way for you, you can see all of our award-winning product line at