Describes Ways to Print Canon LBP-2900 test page

Why we need printing a canon lbp 2900 test page?

– Before using the Canon LBP 2900 printer the first time, you need to print a test page to know your Printer Canon LBP-2900 still work well.

– After you installed Canon LBP 2900 printer driver software. (Read more: How to install canon lbp 2900 printer driver software with installation disk)

– If use again Canon LBP 2900 that you not used for a long time, Or when you have just repaired your printer. You also need to print test page to check the printing.

Before print with your Canon LBP2900 printer, be sure to print a test page using the following procedure

Instruction how to printing a Canon LBP-2900 test page:

This instruction using screenshots are taken from Windows XP, If you are using a other Windows Version, you can do it in a same ways.

Step 1: Open the [Printer and Faxes] or [Devices and Printers] folder

Simple ways to open [Printer and Faxes] folder: Open [Control Panel] and click to [Printer and Faxes]

+ Canon LBP 2900 on Windows XP: Select [Control Panel] from the [Start] menu, then click [Printers and Other Hardware] =>[Printers and Faxes].

+ Canon LBP 2900 on Windows 7, windows 8: Press and Hold [Windows] key and press R to show Run box, then enter run box: Control Panel and press Enter to go to [Control Panel] Folder, then click to [Devices and Printers] to show your “Canon LBP 2900” printer icons.

=> Now, the [Printers and Faxes] or [Device and Printes] folder is displayed.

Step 2: Open Canon LBP 2900 Properties program:

To open Canon 2900 Propertices program, select the [Canon LBP2900] icon in the [Printer and Faxes] or [Devices and Printes] folder, then click the right mouse, a popup menu will be display, then select [Properties] from the menu ( or you can select [Properties] from the [File] menu. )

After you click to Properties -> the [Properties] dialog box for the Canon LBP 2900 printer is displayed.

Step 4: Print Test Page with Canon LBP2900 program:

1. Click to [General] tab on the top tabs.

2. Click left mouse to [Print Test Page] button to start print canon lbp 2900 test page.

Your Canon 2900 printer will begin printing a test page.

– If the page prints correctly, click [OK] to complete print test page.

– If the test page does not print corectly, please make sure you are installed canon lbp 2900 printer driver, or search on with keyword “Canon LBP 2900 not print”